Environmental Damage

The financial losses caused by sewage flooding events are known to be in the region of £30,000 to £50,000 per property.

In less than 30 minutes a house or basement flat can flood with untreated sewage to a depth greater than 1 metre.

All furniture, white goods, electrical, entertainment and personal effects are beyond recovery due to contamination.

Plaster on walls and timber floors will need to be replaced together with electrical wiring and carpets.

The process of drying out can take months, during which the property is often uninhabitable.

Contaminated belongings and waste material is removed to a tipping facility where it adds approximately 10 cubic metres to landfill for each affected property.

Psychological Damage

The distress to occupants is beyond calculation. No amount of money can replace possessions of a life time.

Climate Change

The threat of global warming brings with it forecasts of increased sea and river levels. Coupled with this the need to build more houses on often unsuitable and low lying areas where the risk of flooding is greater can only lead to more incidents of property damage.